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Breakfast- ONLINE ordering available from 7:00 am to 9:15 am with a first delivery at 7:45 am and last delivery at 10:00 am

Lunch -
ONLINE ordering available from 11:00 am to 1:30 with a first delivery at 12:00pm (or 12:15pm if ordering from the Studio Grill menu) and last delivery at 2:15 pm.

Please note* When placing an order, the earliest delivery slot will be 45 minutes from the current time.


Maximum order per person is $50.00
  Order between 8:00am to 12:00pm.  Last orders to be taken at 12:00pm.
  Order minimum 60 minutes in advance of your desired pick-up time, with time slots available at 12pm and 1pm.
 Timely pick-up recommended for best quality food experience and your order can be found on the Express Rack in the commissary between the registers and atrium.



Orders must be in by 3pm Monday through Friday

Conference Dining orders are a minimum 10 guests.

A minimum 15% service charge will be added to Conference Dining orders

24 hour notice required for Conference Dining via
Email and or by calling Room Service office.

8 hours required for custom or hot food serves, in order to guarantee the delivery time requested. Some exceptions may apply.

The use of the Commissary/Back half, Studio Grill and PDR can be requested, please inquire to see if your dates are available. Commissary Back Half and PDR are $250. Full commissary and Studio Grill are $350.00. A $6.25 per soiled linen fee will be applicable when using the Studio Grill.   

Conference Dining -Overtime delivery fees
(6:30 am Hot meal  $195, 7:00 am Cold meal $60 ,7:00 am Hot orders $100)

All pricing is per person unless otherwise denoted.   

Conference Dining orders are served with disposable plates and flatware
Add China for $6- per guest

Drop off service is standard.
Additional service and delivery time may be requested at an additional charge.
Delivery fees may apply.

15% minimum gratuity fee applicable. S
ales tax applicable.

Staffing costs are an additional charge for after hours or special events.


 A minimum of 24 hours notice is requested to avoid a full or partial cancellation fee. If less than 24 hours notice is given then the portion of food that is prepared, or specially ordered food & beverages for that event will be charged to the client.
Cancellation for specialty events is 48 hours notice.

Please contact the Room Service Manager at  818.777.5226 with questions regarding upcoming orders, cancellations, verbal confirmations .

or EMAIL: 




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